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U.S. Army - Great Benefits and Bonuses!!

Posted: 02/28/2022

There are so many great career and benefit options with the U.S. Army!!

1. Over 150 Different career Opportunities
2. FREE College
3. Medical and Dental Benefits
4. Job Training and Certifications

Every position is open right now! We have a lot of career opportunities including but not limited to: IT, Medical, Aviation, and mechanical. No Experience necessary! The Army will train you in any job you choose. You will receive college credits and civilian certificates in those careers!! 

Bonuses and Benefits: You could also qualify for bonuses up to $50,000! FREE College, Medical, Dental! Quick Ship Bonuses, Duty Location Changes, Tattoo Waivers, Age Waivers, 2&2 Enlistments (two years active duty than two years Army Reserve for 84 different careers). Reserve is part time option that allows you to stay local, have college or trade school fully paid for and its only one weekend out of the month and two weeks in the summer. 

Contact Angelique Maldonato for more information! Call or text: (919) 673 - 3359 or

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