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St. Eugene Catholic Church



About Us

Just over fifty years ago, a faithful and determined group of people established a Roman Catholic Parish in eastern Wake County, North Carolina. Some of the staunchest advocates of that parish were new to this country and, upon their arrival--and in the ensuing years since--they encountered differences and even resistance to their language, culture, and traditions. The one constant in their live...s that offered a common kinship with their American counterparts was their deeply-rooted Roman Catholic religious faith. The practice of their commonly-held beliefs created a sense of community and common purpose among the diverse backgrounds that populated this area of North Carolina.

Today, the parish that those diverse cultures built welcomes an even more diverse community, building upon an already impressive commitment to deep faith and common purpose. The parish today celebrates the wonderful ability of a Catholic community to embrace both the common faith and cultural difference of its members in a way that spreads God's love.

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